July 28, 2008

hills wishes

everything's came out good
"we'll be fine " you always said that
maybe we're simple and brief
but we're deep and enduring
when you believe yourself
people become believe you
you're really love me
so everyone become values me

we're always our own origin
don't forget about it

July 26, 2008


its automatic you make my smile
its automatic you can tell my eye
its automatic everything as my wish
its automatic in our love
its automatic...

July 22, 2008

incisive secret

silent mood
quiescence relation
unknown fellings
asphyxiant love
nonstop tolerate
surround us


you know me a lot
also I know you very much
but we just do any we want go by ourself
you make me sad so I hurt you back
you make me happy then I become sweet
love makes me lost my free will many times
so I just recognized that I had made mistakes all the time?!


there's so much sadness in my heart
lot's of time I lost control
I was yell and scream to ask for help
but no body's there...
actually I almost give up
but I still here and ambivalence...

July 15, 2008


when people thought Im sweet
I always have doubts for it
cause I do what I want to do
cause I say what I want to say
sometimes I hurt people
sometimes Im a lovely girl

July 12, 2008

natural born DEATH

13 is my number
29 is my soul
abyss is my destiny
pure is my anxiety
there's a fine line between us
and we're fascinated in our love

July 11, 2008


Im here, please look at me
I love you and I miss you
I feel so lonely and sad
I want you and I need you
if you still ignore me
I'll left you, soon!

she always shout at heart
then still waiting and waiting...

seize the day

you always want me talk about future
but I know you addicted in your past
memories is treasure, real life still far away
maybe one day I become your memory
you'll know how this important to you, finally.

July 10, 2008

To you, For me

you love my haughty grain
you're captivated by my frank
I love your pure, admire your craft
then, we'll never pass away...

July 08, 2008

a gift

sometime rains
sometime shines
basically u r cold
my resident london
my dearest iris



July 07, 2008


I'm too fast and you're too slow
but there's no right or wrong
just we need more good timing
then we'll have more refreshing

July 04, 2008


finally, its my term to say
"just leave me alone"


I braved in front of people
but I cry for your careless
Im good with everything
but besides your heartless

July 02, 2008

stop by

I made a beautiful planet to wish you stay with me.
but you said, its more beautiful in distance to see our planet.
so you left with your reason, without me.