August 28, 2008


upside down and distance
sacrifice and concentrate
selfish and prospective
later and bye
you and me


single bad
lonely girl
sadly stories
my life

August 26, 2008


when I feel terrible
I eat haribo

August 17, 2008


try not to need anything from anyone
if they always let me down

August 16, 2008

Love, Leave, Lonely

loving together
let you free
leave us
lonely me

August 14, 2008


there’s a girl
she scooped her heart for a boy
then dipped up her blood for him,
dedicated her soul as a gift
but he doesn’t know what’s the effect to her
just scared out and ran away from her
so, she was sitting there and drowned in her tears


I primness because I lost myself
I jealousy because I afraid to be replaced
I unaided because I only have that a little pride for me
I love you because you're the only one who can hurt me like this

August 07, 2008


we bound ourself
you springe me
and I acquiesce in it