September 30, 2008


hey, I don't know you!

another 30th
I still alone
with my 星をかった日,my dream

September 29, 2008


Im here,
with tranquil heart
and my favorite temperature

September 28, 2008


I wanna cry
but I ran out of my tears
I wanna leave
but I lack strength to do it
and I want involve with you
but I can't make it...

September 26, 2008

relation core

the core of all the things is lie.

September 25, 2008


without respect
without heartbeat
that's not about love
that's about Im a jerk

September 23, 2008


i'm sorry for being a heartbreaker
my reason why is someone broke my heart
then I break your heart.
and in other words,
Im just a Ahole.

September 22, 2008


we leave our alone
say that have some meaning
but something become insipid
something become densest

September 19, 2008


all about her
and she knows that's all her fault
too crazy or too much love
she doesn't know which is herself
just lost her mind or just stupid?

suicide girl

I cut my throat then I can't talk
I cut my legs then I can't go
I cut my fingers then I can't touch
I cut my head then release my brain
I cut my heart then you can't hurt me again

September 17, 2008

puppy love

he say he miss me
but I don't know what's that mean
it's about responsibility
or just his personality

September 14, 2008

lentic water

my fresh blood become tasteless.

September 12, 2008


escape and oblivion

September 11, 2008


grab my shit and threw the mirror
I see me dirty and stinking
and should be embarrassed but unconcernedly

September 09, 2008


それじゃ さよなら。

September 06, 2008


loving, digging, dying


lying around me
and I just like a clown
entertainment you guys
I wish you'll be happy
even Im sad, always